1. Add Pickle to Slack
  2. Invite Pickle to a channel with /invite @Pickle

You do not need to subscribe to install and begin using Pickle. You'll be notified if / when your team's number of active users surpasses Pickle's free plan.


Pickle is a tool for assigning tasks by rotation directly in Slack. Invoke it with the slash command or shortcut, then select the rotation to pick from, the task, and any additional options.

Rotations are a set of people which get cycled through in order. Pickle has two types of rotations - predefined rotations and impromptu rotations.

Predefined Rotations: You configure the rotation beforehand and select it when you want to pick someone.
Impromptu Rotations: You explicitly specify the channel / group / users you wish to use at the time.

Pickle asks the picked person to accept or decline. This is called confirmation flow. Confirmation flow can be configured to automatically expire picks, retry picks, or can be disabled entirely.

Use Pickle in workflows to schedule picks, create shortcuts, and integrate it with other tools.