Active Users

An active user is someone that has created, accepted, or rejected a pick within the current billing period, or within the past 30 days for unsubscribed teams.

  • The first 5 active users don't count towards billing.
  • The active user count resets at the start of every billing period, so you won't be billed if you stop using Pickle.
  • Picks are automatically considered accepted and the picked user an active user when skipping confirmation flow.

Your team's active user count is displayed in Subscription Management and Pickle's App Home.

Free Plan

Pickle is free for up to 5 active users. You don't need to create a subscription at all in this case.

Standard Plan

Teams with over 5 active users require a subscription, which is $1/month per user. The first 5 active users do not count towards billing. For example, a team with 7 active users will be billed $2 for that billing period (7 minus 5). You'll be billed at the end of each billing period.

A 14-day trial is available. No credit card is required and it cancels automatically. If you decide to continue using Pickle after a trial, make sure to add a payment method before the trial period ends.

You can manage your subscription via the subscription management page.

Large Teams - if your team has potentially 100's of active users, we can probably figure out volume pricing. Reach out to support with your team's needs.
Previous Pricing - flat pricing will continue to be respected if your team is already using it, including trials. You can switch to per-user pricing by cancelling your flat subscription if you want.