Confirmation Flow

Pickle asks the picked person to accept or decline by default. The pick is considered pending until it is accepted, declined, or canceled.

pending pick

pick direct message

accepted pick

Confirmation flow can be disabled in your configuration or on a per-pick basis.

Retrying a Pick

You may retry a pick with the next person in the rotation. Retrying removes the current user from the pick's include list, so you can retry until there are no users left.

Pick Expiry

Picks will automatically expire if they don't get accepted or declined within a set time. The expired pick will be removed (unless you are also using auto-retry). Enable this through your configuration.

pick expiry

Auto Retry

Pickle will automatically try the next user when a pick is declined or expires. Pickle will DM you if it couldn't retry your pick. Enable this through your configuration.


Pickle will DM you when your picks are accepted, declined, or expire. This will also apply to picks created with auto retry. Enable this through your configuration.