Below are the common settings you can change when creating a pick or a rotation.


Strategy - The strategy for deciding who gets picked
Pick inactive - Don't skip users who are offline or away
Rotate users with pending picks - Temporarily move users who have been picked but have not yet accepted or declined to the end of the rotation

Confirmation Flow

Skip confirmation flow - Don't ask picked people to accept / decline, just directly assign them
Expire pick after n minutes - Automatically cancel or retry the pick after N minutes
Automatically retry a pick when it… - Automatically retry when the picked user declines it

Setting Defaults

You may set a default configuration for Pickle to use every time you invoke it. Your defaults can be overridden on a per-pick basis or by using a rotation.

  1. Go to Pickle's Home tab in Slack
  2. Press the My Settings button.
  3. Modify the configuration and save when you're done configuration.

my configuration

Configuration Priority

Pickle uses this priority in determining which options get used, from highest to lowest:

  1. Options passed in through the modal/slash command
  2. Options configured on the rotation, if one is used
  3. Default options set in your user configuration