Assign Meeting Hosts Automatically

Your team has a standup meeting every morning and you want to rotate the host. We'll do this by creating a rotation and putting it on daily schedule. When we're finished, Pickle will post to #product-team at 10:30 every morning, announcing who the host is that day.

Step 1 - Create the Rotation

Go to Rotations in Pickle's App Home. Create a new rotation and let's start configuring it.

Rotation Name and Members

Rotation Name - Standup Host
Pick From - Just select the channel: #product-team. This is likely enough in this simple case, but you can get creative here. By switching to a Daily Roster, you can specify hosts on a daily basis.

Rotation Behavior

Default Task - Host today's standup
Pick Inactive - We don't want to choose someone that's out of office that day, so leave it disabled.

Confirmation Flow

We're directly assigning people to be the host, so there's no need to ask them to accept / decline. Disable confirmation flow.

Save the rotation.

Your team can now assign the standup meeting host with /pickle -r Standup Host or by selecting the rotation in Pickle's form. Now to make it post automatically.

Step 2 - Scheduled Posting

We'll tell Pickle to choose the standup host every morning at 10:30. We'll use the Scheduled date & time workflow trigger. Access Workflow Builder in the Tools menu under your team's name.

Create Workflow and Trigger

Create a new workflow and select Scheduled date & time as the trigger. Set whatever date, time, and frequency you want - in our example, every day at 10:30.

Save the trigger.

Add Pickle Step

Add the Pick someone as the last workflow step. We'll preset the Pickle rotation here.

Post In - #product-team
Rotation - Standup Host
Task - You can leave this empty; it'll use the default task we set in the rotation.

Save the step and publish the workflow, and now every morning at 10:30 Pickle will post the standup host for the day.