Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 26, 2021

Pickle stores the minimum information necessary as a general guideline. Your data is not sold or otherwise shared with third parties.

Information we collect

Identity & Access

Used for linking Pickle to your Slack workspace

Slack Workspace

Used for providing the core service


Subscriptions are managed through Stripe. Pickle only retains the following information in its own database:

Payment methods, billing name, and any other information necessary for billing are collected by Stripe.

How we use and share your information

Data Retention

We retain the above data when your subscription with Pickle is canceled or lapses. The intent is that you don't lose history if you choose to resubscribe. If your subscription is inactive for a long time, we may wipe your data. Otherwise you can request a complete removal of your data by contacting

Pickle is hosted on servers managed by OVH. The server farm is located in Quebec, Canada.

Changes & Questions

We may update this privacy policy at any time to comply with regulations and as new features are added. Upcoming changes will be announced on Pickle's website or through the Slack integration.

Questions about the privacy policy can be emailed to