Assign tasks by rotation, easily.

Pick someone from @users, @groups, or #channels

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Free for up to 10 active users.
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Share responsibilities

People are picked in a fair rotation. Pickle manages the rotation automatically behind the scenes.

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Frank Garrett picked @Karie to Review PR3306.
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Unavailable? No problem.

Pickle will try the next available person if the current person in the rotation is offline or can't take the task.

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Frank Garrett picked @Rick to Review PR3306.
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How it works

Pick someone
Use the /pickle slash command or the form. Pickle will pick the next person in the rotation (default).
Await a response
Pickle posts a public message and notifies the picked person via DM.
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Karie picked @Fred to Review PR3306. Waiting for them to accept or decline.
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Confirm availability
The picked person accepts or declines the pick.
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You've been picked by Karie to Review PR3306
(View Pick)
They accept and its confirmed. If they decline, you cancel the pick or try the next person in the rotation.
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Karie picked @Fred to Review PR3306. User Accepted.

Independent Rotations

Create rotations with their own configuration and picking order.

Use daily rosters to create on-call schedules!


Use Cases

  • Code reviewers
  • QA testers
  • Meeting host
  • First responders
  • Support tickets
  • Coffee / lunch roulette


What tasks can I use Pickle for?

Anything, but Pickle is built with recurring tasks in mind - for example picking someone for code review, QA testing, or to host a meeting. Pickle compliments your team's usual planning system by rotating the unplanned stuff.

How do I tell Pickle which people to pick from?

Use @user, @usergroup, and #channel tags with Pickle's slash command or modal. You can combine them and even tell it to exclude specific users.

Does it work in threads?

Yes. You can pick in threads by using the message shortcut.

What if I want to pick someone at random?

Pickle lets you configure a bunch of things, which includes setting it to pick randomly instead of round-robin.

I'm not sure if I'll need a subscription. Do I need to sign up?

No, just install Pickle and don't bother signing up for a trial or subscribing. It'll ask you to subscribe if/when you hit the active user threshold.

Pickle is in active development. Check out planned features!

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Free for teams with up to 10 active users of the app.
A free trial is otherwise available - no credit card required.
Prices are in US dollars.