A Slack tool for picking

Picks people fairly for code reviews, QA passes, and other unplanned tasks

Free for teams with up to 20 users.
30 Day Trial available for larger teams - no credit card required.

Confirmation Flow

Users accept or decline when they've been picked. A pick can be cancelled any time before they've made a decision.

Picking Strategies

  • Round-robin: Picking by least recent
  • Weighted: Lower probabilty for recently picked
  • Random: 100% random

User-Friendly Interface

Pick from users and channels with default options. The modal is perfect for users unfamiliar with slash commands.

Configurable Options

Access powerful options with /pickle command parameters. Pickle allows you to pick in unique ways:

  • Choose from various picking strategies
  • Skip the confirmation flow
  • Pick anonymously without revealing the picker
  • Include Offline/Away users in the picking pool

Visit the guide for a full explanation of parameters, and reach out to support if Pickle is missing something you need!

Persistent Configuration

The most common options can be persisted so that you don't have to specify them every time you use Pickle.


Teams with 20 or less users are free.
Standard pricing is in USD, flat per team.
A free trial is available - no credit card required.