Planned Features

23 August 2021

Pickle is in active development. These are some major features I'm implementing next.

Enterprise Grid / Slack Connect - In Progress

Make Pickle work properly with Enterprise Grid and Slack Connect. Cross-team users currently don't work because Pickle can't associate them with your particular team, or retrieve certain information about them with Slack's API.

The first step is to allow picking from cross-team users. I need to update Pickle's backend to store picks which refer to users on other teams. Picking will work when this step is complete, but DM notifications sent to cross-team users and checking their availability probably won't.

Private Picks - In Progress

Optionally skip posting pick messages to a channel and only DM the picked person instead.

Show Skipped - In Progress

Show who was skipped and why in the "View Details" form.

Improved Rotations/Rosters

Weekly and monthly rosters. It'll make sense to create calendar-linked rosters at some point.

Open for Work

Mark yourself as open for work, which will prioritize assigning you from a rotation. I think this is going to end up being a queue system that people can jump in and out of.

Scheduled Picks

Automatic recurring or one-time picks, for example picking a person to host a meeting every Monday. This is possible with workflows. Use Scheduled date & time to trigger Pickle's step. I need to build a mechanism for free-tier Slack teams though since they don't have workflows.

Multi-Person Assignment

Picking multiple people with one pick, like picking two peer reviewers at once.