Update - Slack Connect / Enterprise Grid Support and More

19 November 2021 GMT+0

An update has been deployed!

Overview of Changes

  • External users (Slack Connect and Enterprise Grid) can now be included in picks. They can accept / decline picks but cannot perform other actions or manage rotations.
  • There's now an option for Pickle to update posts in place instead of reposting. This will stop it from notifying the entire channel every time a pick is retried.
  • The Pick Details button now shows users who've been previously tried and away users who've been skipped.

Slack Connect / Enterprise Grid

External users may now be included in picks. It works basically the same way as with users on your team, but with two important gotchas:

  1. Included user must be in the same channel that Pickle will post to.
  2. External users will not be skipped when they're away. Unfortunately the Slack API does not expose a method to get the status of external users.

Creating a pick with external users{: .slack .modal }

External users are able to accept / decline picks as normal. They are prevented from performing other actions.

Message external users see if they try doing something other than accepting or declining.{: .slack .modal }

Quiet Retries

You can tell Pickle to update its original message when retrying instead of reposting it to the channel. The option is available in your default configuration, rotation configuration, pick modal, and the slash command with the --quiet or -q flags.

Option to enable quiet retries{: .slack .modal }

Updated Pick Details

Pick Details now shows any users already tried and users skipped due to being away.

The update Pick Details view showing previous and skipped users.{: .slack .modal }