New Features and Fixes!

27 September 2021 GMT+0

Updates and bug fixes have been deployed!


  • You can now see all of your pending picks in one place with /pickle picks.
  • You can now see who's next in rotations with /pickle rotations.
  • Added optional default task for rotations.
  • Raised team rotation limit from 3 to 10.
  • Workflow steps can now optionally post any error messages encountered.

Bug Fixes

  • Private channels can now be used in rotations and the picking modal.
  • Fixed detection of some groups and channels when using /pickle [from] [options] slash command.
  • Fixed worksflow step task not being used.

Two new important features have been added; a command to see all of your pending picks and take action on them, and a command to easily check who's up next in your team's rotations.

View all your pending picks

Use /pickle picks to show all pending picks you either created or were chosen for. No longer will you need to look through a channel or your DMs to find them, plus you can take action on them directly from the list.

view-pending-picks.png{: .slack .modal }

Check who's next in a rotation

Use /pickle rotations to see who's next in your team's rotations. This will show you the 3 next users in line to be picked from rotations using round-robin ordering.

rotations-view.png{: .slack .modal }