Pickle User Guide


  1. Add Pickle to Slack
  2. Invite Pickle to a channel with /invite @Pickle

Picking Users

There are two ways to create a pick; the slash command and the modal window.

Slash Command

Use /pickle @users @usergroups #channels options... in Slack. Pass options to do things like skip the confirmation flow, enable picking from inactive users, etc...

Try picking yourself as an example - /pickle @me Test Task

Modal Window

Use Slack's lightning bolt menu and select Pick someone with Pickle or type /pickle.

The modal exposes fewer options than the slash command but will still use your default configuration.

Slack Threads

To create a pick in a thread, use the message shortcut - those three little dots when you hover over a message.


  1. Slash commands aren't supported in threads, so /pickle ... won't work.
  2. Lightning bolt menu shortcuts are always global, so when you use Pickle's shortcut in a thread it won't create a pick specific to that thread.


Documentation coming soon.

Confirmation Flow

Pickle will wait for the picked user to accept or decline when a pick is created.

The pick gets updated when they decide.

Confirmation flow can be disabled in your configuration, or on a per-pick basis the --skip_confirm slash command argument.

Retrying a Pick

You may retry a pick with the next person in line by clicking the Try Next User button. Retrying removes the current user from the pick's include list, so you can retry until there are no users left.

Pick Expiry

Picks will automatically expire if they don't get accepted or declined within a set time. The expired pick will be removed (unless you are also using auto-retry). Enable this through your configuration.

Disabled by default

Auto Retry

Pickle will automatically try the next user when a pick is declined or expires. Pickle will DM you if it couldn't retry your pick. Enable this through your configuration.

Disabled by default


Pickle will DM you when your picks are accepted, declined, or expire. This will also apply to picks created with auto retry. Enable this through your configuration.

Disabled by default

Showing Pick History

Use /pickle history @users @usergroups #channels to display the most recent pick time for each user. In order to maintain user privacy this command does not currently display tasks. In the future, this will change so that tasks can be viewed if the user is in a public or shared channel.

show history


You may set a default configuration for Pickle to use every time you invoke it. These defaults can be overridden on a per-pick basis by passing slash command options (above).

  1. Go to Pickle's "Home" tab in Slack
    app menu
  2. Press the "Configuration" button
    configuration button
  3. Modify the configuration and save when you're done

Slash Command Options

These options are available when using the /pickle slack command. They'll overwrite the respective options in your default configuration.

-an, --anonymous The user who invoked Pickle won't be shown
/pickle ... --anonymous
-e, --exclude excludes users, channels, or groups from being picked. When used with a rotation, it will add to the rotation's exclude list for this pick.
/pickle ... --exclude @user1 @user2
-pi, --pick_inactive inactive (offline or away) users won't be skipped.
/pickle ... --pick_inactive
-r, --rotation The name of a rotation to use. You don't need to specify who to include when using a rotation. If you do, those users will be appended to the rotation's configured selection for this pick.
/pickle Your Task -r standup host
-s, --strategy the picking strategy. random, roundrobin (default), or weighted

roundrobin - Picking by least recent
weighted - Lower probability for recently picked
random - 100% random

/pickle ... --strategy roundrobin
-sc --skip_confirm skip the accept/decline flow
/pickle ... --skip_confirm
-t, --task which task a user is being picked for. Shorthand: `/pickle @users Your Task`.
/pickle ... --task Code Review for PR1702
-x, --expire_in expire and remove the pick in N minutes. Will also apply to retries. If passed, must be between 1 and 480 (8hrs).
/pickle ... --expire_in 60

Use /pickle --help to see this option reference within Slack


Free Plan

Pickle is free for up to 10 active users. An active user is someone that has initiated, accepted, or rejected a pick within the past 30 days. The active user count for your team is in Pickle's App Home tab.

Standard Plan

Teams with more active users require a subscription, which is 9 USD/month flat for the entire team.

A 30-day trial is available. No credit card is required and it cancels automatically. If you decide to continue using Pickle after a trial, make sure to add a payment method before the trial period ends.

You can manage your subscription via the subscription management page.